Baby Unplugged™

The Baby Unplugged™ board book series was created as a response to the explosion of screen-based, “educational” products marketed to aid in children's development, despite no evidence of benefit and mounting evidence of harm with excessive use. The reality, however, is that children need and learn best through real experiences, real people, and exploring the real world.  

Baby Unplugged™ is a celebration of timeless experiences and icons of childhood—blankets, yards, pets, blocks, books—each a catalyst for togetherness, rooted in how developing brains work. They are reassurance that old-school is not only OK, but best.

Technology can wait. Unplug, tune in, and have fun!

Curriculum? Imagination. Batteries? Nope. Old-school? Absolutely—let's play!

Praise for Baby Unplugged™:

“These books work on so many levels, with poetry to hear, pictures to talk about, and a powerful message. They give children just the sort of delightful and mind-expanding experiences they need, while leading parents to see the child’s world through a creative and joyful lens. Wonderful medicine for an overly electronic age!” - Dr. Robert Needlman, MD, associate professor of pediatrics, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and cofounder, Reach Out and Read
"In this energetic addition to the Baby Unplugged™ line, Hutton deploys an appropriately bouncy series of rhymes to celebrate balls of every shape, size, and type... Jones’s carefully detailed, warmly appealing images switch up the settings from page to page, bringing readers from the beach to the playground and a backyard as kids of different ethnic backgrounds toss balls to each other, play fetch, and try different sports." - Publishers Weekly, Baby Unplugged™: Ball
“Simple isn’t always easy to pull off; to stand the test of time, a board book needs to have a straightforward message, wide appeal, and entertaining pictures that are fun to look at over and over again. Luckily, John Hutton and Andrea Kang’s board book Pets fits the bill, with easy-to-follow illustrations, rhyming text, and a subject dear to most children’s hearts: pets…” - Foreword Reviews, Baby Unplugged™: Pets