Dr. John Hutton


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Dr. John S. Hutton is a pediatrician and researcher at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Reading and Literacy Discovery Center, owner of blue manatee children’s bookstore and founder of blue manatee press. His research involves exploring the effect of home reading environment and shared reading on brain development using functional MRI, and was the first to document such effects prior to kindergarten. "Dr. John" is also a pioneer in developing children's books for pediatric health literacy promotion, and recently published a first-of-its-kind clinical trial showing superiority to brochures for reducing the risk of SIDS. 

Dr. John is passionate about better understanding the rising influence of electronic media on young children, and the importance of a solid foundation in language, human connection and creative play. His health-themed series Baby Unplugged and Love Baby Healthy have been distributed to over two million families, to date. He has won awards for his research and writing, lectures widely, and attended writing workshops in Iowa City and Squaw Valley, CA.

He lives with his family, dogs, cat, rabbit, fish, and a whole bunch of bees, in Cincinnati, OH.

Dr. John's books available from blue manatee press:

Baby Unplugged

DR Books

Love Baby Healthy

Additional Board Books, Picture Books, & Middle Grade Fiction