Toast to Baby

The Toast to Baby series uses kiln-formed glass to introduce young children to basic concepts such as counting, feelings, and family. All images are handmade using Bullseye™ glass at Brazee Street Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Praise for Toast to Baby:

Toast to Counting by Sandra Gross and Leah Bush is a happy and deliciously clever little board book that introduces babies to counting, cooking and friendship all at the same time. The toast, eggs, butter and jelly in the photographs are made of glass and have a tactile appeal. 1 year and up.” - Karen Young, My Daily Find, San Fernando, CA
“Books, art, children, kiln-fired glass, and the amazing team of artists and educators from Brazee Studios and blue manatee.  It’s a recipe like none I’ve ever seen for cooking up creativity in kids. A Toast to their remarkable vision!” - Lani McGregor, Director, Bullseye Gallery / Partner, Bullseye Glass Co.