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Tito's Inferno: Descent into Titanmart

“I’m trapped in TitanMart. A lot of kids are, and even more adults…The Manager and his clerks never sleep. There are tons of traps… Please come to TitanMart tonight. Adults won’t believe you so don’t waste time with them…”

Imagine: Dante’s Inferno, set in a small town big box store. Eleven-year-old Tito Skaggs thinks he’s on just another lame summer car trip to Nature World. A detour to polluted Sanguine Lake proves him wrong, as his parents are swept away by its newest tenant: TitanMart. Guided by a mysterious red haired girl and a polite yet hulking figment—his Virgil—concocted in a hotel bathroom, he must rescue them, braving aisles packed with traps, henchmen clerks, and the wicked Gourdon, all doing the bidding of The Manager in a plot larger and more evil than he could have imagined.


“In this middle-grade fantasy novel, an 11-year-old boy descends into a consumerist hell to save his parents, himself and the world…” - Kirkus Reviews
Tito’s Inferno is something that people of any age can enjoy and it’s all thanks to some impressive writing, especially the vivid imagery. Readers ranging in age from kids who have just mastered chapter books to parents reading it to their kids who can’t read on their own yet will love it. With some especially memorable lines and plenty of humor, as well as a deep message, Tito’s Inferno is a book that is truly perfect for all ages.” - J.R., age 14


Indie Excellence Book Awards&nbsp;  Finalist

Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist


Publication Information

List Price: $9.99
ISBN: 978-1-936669-03-5
Publication Date: September 2011
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 244
Ages: 9-12

About the Author: 

Dr. John S. Hutton is a pediatrician, clinical research fellow, and owner of the award-winning blue manatee children’s bookstore. His research foci are the effect of shared reading on brain development, general early and pediatric health literacy, and the health effects of electronic media on young children, as well as the importance of a solid foundation in words and play.