Project 1 - Directions and Terms

A new board book releasing in Spring 2020 with an intended audience of ages 0-3 will be a seek-and-find featuring animals that all start with the letter "P." The idea is for simple text to pose a clue in the form of a question on the left-facing page, and the right facing page would have a seek-and-find of sorts, where the animal in question is hiding within its habitat. We are looking for a bright and happy tone, with room for gentle humor and at times, sweet moments. We invite you to share your best interpretation (quick-take, unfinished sketches are fine) of how you would illustrate the book based on the following sample text:

-Who squawks and talks? --> Peekaboo Parrot

-Who's plump and pokey?--> Peekaboo Porcupine

If you would like to submit a third sample, please consider submitting cover art as well. The working title is: Peekaboo Planet.

** We realize that you may not have time to submit a simple original sketch of the above, but if you feel that your past work reflects a similar style as indicated above, please feel free to submit past work or a link to your portfolio following the directions below. **

Please click here for a sizing template.

Terms for Project 1: $500.00 Advance against royalties, with 6% of net sales for Royalties. The project will include 7 interior spreads and a cover spread (16 total pages).

Interested candidates should submit their work to our Editorial Director, Amy Dean, at More information about blue manatee press and our previous titles can be found here. Ideally, all artwork for consideration should be submitted by Monday, May 20, 2019. The project will most likely have a final deadline of July 2019, with cover art due in early June. Our editorial review board will select, from all entries received, the candidate whose work best fits the purpose of the book in question, as well as the overall "feel" of a blue manatee press title.