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Letters Are For Learning

A rollicking ride through the ABCs, perfect for young readers who are just learning the alphabet. 

In this fantastic concept book, perfect for building early literacy skills and a fun addition to a child’s first library, the alphabet is introduced through bright and clever illustrations of animals and actions. From an anteater adding ants on an abacus to a chef-capped crab cooking chicken, these alliterative animals are sure to prove just how very voweluable learning the alphabet can be!




"This whimsical presentation of the alphabet is good fun for both toddlers and their adults." - Kirkus Reviews
“This quirky abecedarian offers one alliterative sentence per letter ("A is for adding./B is for bouncing./C is for cooking.") paired with clever illustrations depicting more letter-themed animals and activities for careful readers to discover. For example, "J is for juggling" features a jellyfish juggling jewels, jig-saw puzzle pieces, jelly beans, and Jell-O. Awash in silliness, this is perfect for preschoolers already familiar with their ABCs." - School Library Journal
I especially like Letters are for Learning because it introduces so many great action alphabet words that kids can act out. - Jennifer Green (Owner), Green Bean Books, Portland, OR.
"This clever alphabet book uses actions to illustrate each letter of the alphabet. Readers will enjoy an alphabetical list of smiling animals enacting activities that begin with each letter." - Sarah Carrier, Children's Librarian, Cincinnati Public Library

Letters are for Learning is [an] unique board book that introduces letters with different words than your typical apple, bat, and cat. It goes through the alphabet teaching the letters through action words, and each page is full of pictures that match the letter! This will definitely be a book that will continue to provide learning opportunities over the next several years! - Laura Shaver, thesimplemoms.com.

Publication Information

List Price: $9.99
ISBN: 978-1-936669-37-0
Publication Date: September 2015
Format: Board book
Dimensions: 5.5" x 5.5"
Page Count: 22
Ages: 0-3

About the Author/Illustrator: 

Andrew Neyer is an artist and graphic designer. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.