Four-Legged Readers | Pets Love Blue Manatee Press Books, Too!

Here at blue manatee press, we have many books that celebrate all kinds of animals—from the kind we keep as pets to some odd ones we may have never heard of before!

We asked you to share with us your pets reading our books, and received some adorable furry friends diving into our pages!

blue manatee press_dogs!_doug cenko_2.JPG
blue manatee press_dogs!_doug cenko_1.JPG

Taran the chihuahua is a big fan of Dogs!

George reading.jpg

So is George the cat—even though we also have Cats! in our Dr. Book series!

blue manatee press_black and white nighty night_board book_dog(1).JPEG

Beatrice loves a good bedtime read, like Black & White Nighty Night!

blue manatee press_black and white nighty night_board book_dog(2).JPEG

So does Toby, and it looks like it worked! Sweet dreams, Toby!

blue manatee press_orange triangle fox_dog picture.JPG

Pavi the pup and her human BFF are loving Orange Triangle Fox!

blue manatee press_fiona's friends_cincinnati zoo.JPG

The adorable Finn prefers Fiona’s Friends!


But we’re back to Dogs! with the puppy named Bea!


Want a snap a picture of your pet reading a blue manatee press book? Tag us in it on Instagram @bluemanateepress and we’ll be sure to share it!