3 Books to Make Bedtime Easier!

Sunday, March 10, marks the beginning of daylight savings time—where the days are longer and the nights are shorter!

This means spring is coming, which offers more unplugged playtime outdoors! But it also means that the sun stays high in the sky for longer, making it harder to adhere to a bedtime schedule!

We want to help make bedtime easier! Here are 3 bedtime stories sure to help put your little one into a restful, dream-filled sleep!

Sleepy Solar System

Join the solar system as they settle down and teach us the importance of a bedtime routine: brushing our teeth, reading stories, and getting a goodnight hug and kiss! Written by Dr. John Hutton and illustrated by Doug Cenko.

Order  Sleepy Solar System    here!

Order Sleepy Solar System here!


 "Reading Sleepy Solar System to your 4- or 5-year-olds just before bedtime will introduce them to our planets and, maybe later, allow them to visit each one in their dreams," says Dean Regas, Outreach Astronomer, Cincinnati Observatory; co-host, Star Gazers 



Follow a young boy with his friend Owl to his special place in the forest in the dreamy, beautiful picture book! Written by Shawn Dougherty and illustrated by Leah Busch.

Order  Wake    here!

Order Wake here!


"Whether you are an urban, suburban, or rural dweller, Wake is an invitation to children and to the child within all of us to seek out and to remember the importance of connection with the natural world," says Diane Debevec, Executive Director, Women Writing For (a) Change® 



Once the zookeeper heads to bed, the zoo animals throw a party, but even animals need their restful sleep! Written by Dr. John Hutton and illustrated by Doug Cenko!

Order  Zzzookeeper    here!

Order Zzzookeeper here!


"Cenko’s colorful illustrations, all full-bleed single- or double-page spreads, do a good job of capturing the rambunctious crew with amusing details..." from Kirkus Reviews


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