Bilingual Books

If your child is learning to read in English, Spanish, or both, check out some of our bilingual board books to help build language and literacy skills!

Praise for In Spring / En Primavera: 

"Manso uses simple, direct sentences and a repeating structure, ending each spread with a question that invites reader response... Momohara’s photo-collages give the book real charm: set against soft, canvas-textured backdrops, they show the boy stretching his arms up like a growing sprout, splashing through puddles, and whistling to mimic birdsong." - Publishers Weekly

Praise for In Autumn / En Otoño:

"Young readers will enjoy seeing the child in the photographs falling into the leaves, puffing cheeks up to blow like the wind, or trying to look as scary as a scarecrow... An upbeat introduction to the season for the very young." - Kirkus Reviews